Welcome to

Foothill Community Church!


Yes! It is time again to hit the road do some physical labor for our neighbors. On Sunday, April 19th, instead of having a service in the sanctuary, we will go out in the community and be of service to people in need. Signs ups begin on March 29th! Child care and Prayer Team Support will be provided. There is something for everyone to do…and that includes YOU!
Timeline of the day
8:00am-9:00am     Breakfast is served
8:50am- All group safety meeting
9:00am-11:45am- Go out and serve your little hearts out!
12:00pm- Come back for Lunch!
Congratulations to all our New Members!!
Adult Education – New Classes: coming soon! We will keep you posted!
Ministries are needing your help and expertise! Coffee in the Courtyard needs hosts. You can volunteer a few times a year and we can all enjoy the delicious treats as we fellowship. Contact Dr. Rhonda Beckwith (dr.rbeckwith@gmail.com) and she will give you the details.
How about signing up to be a calming presence on Saturdays at the weekly Community Meal? Pastor Dale would appreciate your help here. See his email above!
Volunteers are always welcome to help out at the Community Meal and the Clothes Closet! Both start at 11:00 on Saturday.
Looking for a small group to join? We have a number of them which meet on a variety of days. Dr. Rhonda can help you out – just email her at dr.rbeckwith@gmail.com.
Are you feeling like you need a spiritual boost midweek? Come and join us in prayer in the main sanctuary on Wednesday at noon.